Lonely City
Zi Yue, a male in female disguise, changes into a dancer to get close to the insatiable and current dynasty's prime minister Zuo Yicheng. However, he did not expect to be exposed and suppressed on the bed! Zi Yue pouted: get off of me! Zuo Yicheng: then come up here~~~ Zi Yue: scram!

High Immortal, Do You Lack a Cat?

A thousand years ago, the High Immortal Yu Xu was killed by the Demon King. Returning to the cycle of reincarnation for saving the cat spirit, Ying Wan. A thousand years later,Ying Wan arrives at the city after chasing Yu Xu's reincarnation, continuing their previous fate. Unfortunately, Ying Wan's life is always in peril, can the two surpass all obstacles and be together?


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