Happy Friday annnnd here are your releases! 

 Typesetters needed~ #recruitment 

All Series Your Ghost Boy CH13 To Be or Not to Be CH 90 Devil Wants to Hug CH 84.3 (Side Story) Absolute Control CH67 Raiding the Vampire Count CH35 High Immortal, Do You Lack a Cat? CH18 Our Reputation Is Not Very Well CH7 The Wolf Marshal's Double Doting CH8 Outside the Law CH4 My 4 Backup Dancers and I CH32-CH33 https://www.bilibilicomics.com/detail/mc38?from=manga_index https://midnightmess.org/series-genre/thiccass/ https://mangadex.org/group/6362e6f8-0f7d-4b0a-8903-4bf3420c6a1b


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