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Poison Antidote
A dangerous journey gave Gu Ming the chance to meet the warm light that once existed in his heart -- Li Shuo. But now known as Wei San, he has already lost all memories about Gu Ming and is now an assassin. Does mutual destruction or mutual redemption await the two... A world ravaged by a mysterious organization, and a chaotic city filled with violence and madness. For the sake of revenge, and for the sake of saving Li Shuo from a cruel fate, Gu Ming will have no hesitation, even if he has to fall into a deep swamp of darkness. {Collab with MMS}

Outside The Law
The golden canary I was raising was actually my sworn enemy? This is the story of one pretending to be weak to claim the final victory. The black-bellied Ruan Zheng who appears pure and innocent met the criminal underworld boss Luo Yu who shares his profession, how could these two sworn enemies be together?

@To Be or Not to Be CH 89 @Devil Wants to Hug CH 84.2 (Side Story) @Absolute Control CH66 @Raiding the Vampire Count CH34 @High Immortal, Do You Lack a Cat? CH17 @Our Reputation Is Not Very Well CH6 @The Wolf Marshal's Double Doting CH7 @Outside the Law CH2-CH3 @Poison Antidote CH0 Character Description @My 4 Backup Dancers and I CH31 https://www.bilibilicomics.com/detail/mc38?from=manga_index https://midnightmess.org/series-genre/thiccass/ https://mangadex.org/group/6362e6f8-0f7d-4b0a-8903-4bf3420c6a1b